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Negative Pressure Wound Care Therapy Equipment

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy  (NPWT) is a therapeutic technique using a vacuum dressing to promote healing in acute or chronic wounds and enhance healing of second and third degree burns. The therapy involves the controlled application of sub-atmospheric pressure to the local wound environment, using a sealed wound dressing connected to a vacuum pump.

Ideal HealthCare LLC Provides:

  • Canisters

  • Gauze Kits

  • Accessories

  • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Units

  • Standard Foam Kits

  • White Foam Kits

Ideal HealthCare LLC offers Negative Pressure Wound Care Therapy equipment by DeRoyal Medical Products.

DeRoyal Medical Products has partnered with Ideal HealthCare LLC to offer the best in negative pressure wound care treatment, providing our clients with unparalleled technology and quality for all their negative pressure wound care needs, providing a solution for all cases of wound care.

Pro ll Canister
Pro lll Canister
Gauze Kits
Pro ll / Pro lll Canister
Carrier Bags
IV Pole Holder
Pro ll / lll
Y Connector
Std. Foam Kit
Foam Kit w/ Dome
White Foam Kit + Dome
White Foam Kit

Negative Pressure Equipment | Ideal HealthCare

Negative Pressure Therapy Units| Ideal HealthCare

Pro II & Pro III Models

  • Variable Pressure Technology®* and lower Continuous Pressure options enhance patient comfort and outcomes

  • Dressing protocol utilizes moist, antimicrobial gauze that will not adhere to the wound substantially decreasing patient pain

  • Proprietary internal and external filter system for an extra layer of safety

  • Variety of dressing options available (Foam and Gauze)

  • Virtually silent operation

  • Large, easy-to-read, color-coded display screens

  • Multiple alarm and safety features that protect the patient

  • Multi-language capability

  • 24 to 48 hour battery run times

  • Cost-effective outcomes

ManukaMed| Wound Care Treatment

Ideal HealthCare LLC offers effective wound care treatment by ManukaMed.

ManukaMed has partnered with Ideal HealthCare LLC to offer the best in effective wound care treatment. Using the science of bio-active and consistent manuka honey product to find reliable, effective advanced treatment options, ManukaMed's products are for optimal wound care treatment.

Wound Care Products | Ideal HealthCare

MANUKA Lite Rope
MANUKA Super Lite

Cork Medical Products| Wound Care Treatment

Ideal HealthCare LLC offers effective wound care treatment equipment by ​Cork Medical.

Cork Medical is a Medical Device and Support Surface

Manufacturer that specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative products for the treatment and prevention of wounds. The company products consist of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, Specialty Mattresses, Overlays, and Cushions.

  • Negative Pressure Wound Care Therapy (NPWT) Equipment

  • Support Surfaces / Specialty Mattresses

  • Wheelchair Cushions



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